About Us
Today we offer a great deal of high quality hyper real dolls in silicone or TPE (custom-made by the manufacturers AJ DOLL, Racyme). After our success on the French and European market, we are taking an extra step forward in our development strategy by offering the same level of service to an international market. 
Please tell us some more about your customers?
That’s a very interesting question. The majority of our clients are obviously males. The typical client is very informed about what’s going on in the sex doll market. His profile is that of a man who passionately loves women. That is why we can easily identify with our clients and create a privileged relationship with them. Our clients are of all ages and from all social backgrounds; absolutely anybody can come to purchase a love doll.
And to go a little further in the analysis, I remain convinced that we all come into contact with (often without knowing it) someone who owns a love doll. Among our clients there are single men looking for company, couples wanting to spice up their relationship, artists looking for sexy models but also true collectors.
We are far from the stereotype of the sexually lost lonely man that society wants to impose on us: communication with our clients is very courteous and greatly appreciated by our teams. The love doll is a lot more than an upgraded sex toy; the love doll is a real escape and refuge for tenderness, pleasure and sharing. 
The objective is simple: offer our clients what we would like to receive.
Is there really a 0% health risk?
Absolutely. All the material used and the manufacturing techniques comply with CE and RoHS health standards. TPE as well as silicone are hypoallergenic materials.
Our company offers all clients a pledge of security for each purchase. The client can easily sue us in the event of a dispute: we offer purchasing protection via PayPal payment.
Protection Buyer Paypal
This PayPal protection secures and reassures our clients. It can be used in the event of delivery of a product which does not comply with the one the client ordered. To illustrate this fact, this year we received a complaint which resulted in the full refunding of an order. This type of scenario is never pleasant. It did however help us to progress. We carry out an even more thorough check which is directly done at our manufacturers’ sites. This quality control is done by ourselves or by a team of contractors we have mandated for each of our orders. We systematically refuse to deliver a love doll which does not correspond to the expected level of quality.
To sum up, and not wanting to boast our qualities too much, I do believe that there are quite a lot of aspects in which we are clearly above the “ghost” internet dealers.
How do you interact with your clients?
On this point, we offer our clients full availability, reactivity and assistance before, during and after purchasing. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions in total transparency and discretion. An on line chat is directly available in our on line store to offer the possibility of talking to an expert at any time.